Tour Hubs

2023 stops & Hubs

2023 Questa Art Tour hubs and studio stops are decided and finalized!

The Questa Art Tour has both hubs and individual studio stops. All locations will be easy to locate and will have flags, balloons, and ample directional signage so you can find them. Many hubs will also offer you snacks, musical entertainment, or other add-on perks!

Be sure to stop at the main Questa Art Tour information booth, Stop #5, at the Questa Visitor Center, 1 State Hwy 38. At this hub, you can get the map-brochure, ask questions from our helpful volunteers, fuel up on water and snacks, find out where to get a bite to eat, and use the restrooms. There is also an ADA porta-potty under the sheltered patio area.

Come discover this remote and artistic corner of Taos County!

Stop #1

Cosas Hermosas

2305-C NM Hwy 522, Questa

  • Evelyn Coggins – Old furniture gets a new life in Evelyn’s upscale, repurposed furniture.
  • Mose Rainault – Local furniture builder creating classic beautiful functional pieces.

Stop #2

ArtQuesta Studio & Gallery

(R, H, Wheelchair ramp)

2305-C NM Hwy 522, Questa

  • Monique Belitz is a national and international 2-D artist and uses acrylic, inks, and layering in her one-of-a-kind scenes of home.
  • Ken Geisen is new to the 2023 Tour. He is a landscape painter who uses oils, and an all-round outdoorsman.
  • Roger Harrington is a jeweler and plein air and abstract painter.
  • Sandra Harrington is a potter who focuses on functional and sculptural forms using nontoxic glazes on her stoneware.
  • Laura Holk – A retired English teacher, Laura was inspired to create her jewelry with the firewood she regularly collected. 
  • Torre Strong is a master craftsman in all things leather: dying, shaping, and inventing. Custom work, too.

Stop #3

Rael’s  Store & Coffee

(R, H, snacks)

2430 NM Hwy 522, Questa

  • Cynthia Rael-Vigil is known for her sewing, which she turns into aprons, quilts, and other crafts.
  • Armando Vigil is a second-generation woodworker who makes furniture with traditional New Mexican embellishment, such as wooden cabinets with punched tin door inserts.
  • Marcus Herrera focuses on woodworking and strong dynamic drawings and graphic imagery.
  • Armando Vigil III is a woodworker focusing on boxes and small furniture.
  • Carla Ortiz creates jewelry.
  • The late Clarence LaCome created folk art from wood.
  • Various other artists & crafters, too.

Stop #4

Jay’s Unique Treasure

14 NM Hwy 38, Questa

  • Sophia Licata – Creates beautiful jewelry.
  • Luke’s Lapidary Gem & Jewelry – Creates jewelry and has a plethora of precut stones for jewelry making for other artists.
  • Blayne Rogers – Creates beautiful painted sculptures from antlers she collects while hiking.
  • Paul Flores – Paul creates fun assemblage art using found objects and mixed media.
  • Kenny Gallegos – Creates crosses, from teeny to huge, adorned with fanciful stones and metalwork.

Stop #5

Info Booth at the
Questa Visitors Center


1 NM Hwy 38, Questa

  • This is the tour information headquarters that includes maps of hub locations, artist descriptions, water and snacks, an outdoor handicap restroom, menus from local restaurants, and additional treasures to discover in Questa such as exploring our stunning surrounding public lands.

Stop #6

Salon del Sol

(Live music starting noon on sunday, snacks)

2451 NM Hwy 522, Questa

  • Salon owner Molly Stroh curates local artists and crafters with potions, handbags, decorated shoes, jewelry, and more! In addition she is offering hair tinsel for guests.
  • Martha Shepp is an experimental artist who works in mixed media and altered photography, as well as painting and drawing.

Stop #7

St. Anthony’s Church

(R, H)

10 Church Plaza, off Cabresto Road, Questa

  • St. Anthony’s historic church and plaza dates back to the 1840s. After a wall collapsed in 2008, the community pulled together and completely renovated it, re-opening in 2016. On Saturday, tours are led by Flavio Cisneros. Check with Hub #5, the info hub, for exact timing of tours.


Jeffroy Brunson

38 Cabresto Road, Questa

Jeffroy Brunson works in what he calls a graffiti-esque, “outsider” style of painting. He uses spray paint, charcoal, paint pens, and oil pastels on canvas and cardboard to create strong colorful images.

Stop #9

Mike & Peggy’s Place


12 Calle del Sol Road, Questa

  • Julienne Hadfield creates accessories that beautify your wardrobe. Specializing in jewelry, she also applies her creative beading techniques to create fun, whimsical clothing.
  • Joan Norris works in pastels and oils to capture the essence and fleeting beauty of northern New Mexico.
  • Monique Parker is a self-taught multimedia artist whose acrylic sacred art and abstract paintings are inspired by her spiritual practices.
  • Mike Ridder creates functional pottery that he hopes enriches the user’s daily experience with his work.
  • Peggy Trigg’s expressive landscape and abstract paintings capture the feel of each scene. She also plays with design in textile arts.

Stop #10

Questa Public Library

(H, R, snacks)

7 Municipal Park Road, Questa

  • Boneta Currey-Brown is an oil painter specializing in images of nature.
  • BJ Konior is a folk fusion artist and craftsperson, working in acrylic and fiber arts.
  • Catherine Porter Brown is an oil painter specializing in the figure and landscape, using a magical realism approach.
  • Questa Quilters Guild is a group of women who have been working together for over 25 years. Proceeds from their sales help those in need.

Stop #11

Living Word Center

(H, R)

12 Llano Road, Questa

  • Judy Archuleta works in acrylic and oils as a painter. Her aim is to record God’s creation.
  • Betty Richter creates watercolors and acrylics of her surroundings, in intricate detail.
  • Julia Rolfe is both a painter and quilter and loves nature.
  • Mario Sauceda creates landscapes with a hint of magical realism and the influence of his multi-racial upbringing.

Stop #12

MJ Kelly Studio

195 Cerro Road, Hwy 378, Cerro

  • Nancy Crochet-Hererra began taking photos of her surroundings as a girl with an Instamatic camera. Today this Norteña captures the beauty of landscapes and portraits.
  • Mary Jo Kelly enjoys painting locations along the Enchanted Circle, en plein air.
  • David Trowbridge is new to the tour this year! He creates furniture of all sorts, and has been perfecting his craft for over 20 years.

Stop #13

Artisan Felts

22 Luna Madre Road, Questa

  • Jiwanshakti Since 2006, Jiwanshakti has been making felted wool mats and sitting rugs with inlay designs. In her travels and education, she has learned special felting methods she will share at her studio stop. She has a 16-piece collection to show, and says, “Wool is functional, natural, biodegradable, and an all-round miracle fiber!” Find her work at @artisanfelts on Instagram.

Stop #14

Brown Studio

Corner of El Rito and Lorien Roads, Questa

  • The late Nancy Brown’s famed abstract and contemporary work of east coast acclaim.
  • Bill Brown creates beaded jewelry and oil and pastel paintings.

Stop #15

Oasis of Lorien

(lunch, snacks, live music)

12 Quintana Road, El Rito/Latir

  • Teresa Gostanza works in oils to create illuminating mystical imagery.
  • Betsy Irwin is an artist and anthropologist, drawn to making ritual art. Currently she is working with gourds.
  • Audrey Kunkel creates jewelry, intricate beadwork, and crocheted stuffed animals.
  • Maria Mikhailas works in oils, acrylics, and sculpture, journeying into inner spiritual awareness.
  • Steve Racicot creates bronze sculpture, some based upon dreams, and other smaller items he casts in his backyard foundry.

Stop #16

The Star House


92 Quintana Road, El Rito/Latir

  • Jill Ansell is new to the Art Tour this year. Ansell’s work addresses archetypal themes in narrative and symbolic form and utilizes the natural world as metaphor. It often includes biting social commentary.
  • Lou McCall creates witty graphic work based upon the style of native Mimbres art.
  • Maruška, aka Ellen Wood is an author and now, a painter, whose representational and abstract works feature the five basic shapes of sacred geometry.

Stop #17

Wow Art Glass

6 Virsylvia Road, El Rito/Latir

  • Barrie Andrews will be showing her glass work, encaustic art, and printmaking. Glass art embodies the dramatic light of northern New Mexico.

Stop #18

New Heights

123 Quintana Road, El Rito/Latir

(R, snacks, live music)

  • Uma Joy is new to the 2023 Tour. She paints for the joy of the creative process, and for healing and beauty.
  • Rae Ruby Sofrae uses an array of natural materials to approach spiritual concepts through creative means.
  • Anu Waytashek makes smudging fans and jewelry.

Stop #19

Skyland Studio

3261 NM Hwy 522, El Rito/Latir

Stop #20

Ute A.I.R.

360 Sunshine Valley Road, El Rito/Latir

  • Claire Cote – Her current works on paper celebrate fleeting interactions of light and shadow, intricate botanical forms, and ephemeral silhouettes.
  • Jessie Hook – Artist, environmentalist and explorer. Jessie’s work pays homage to the presence of time and the wonders of nature through plein air watercolors and oils.
  • Jill Kamas – Her work, whether it’s hatmaking, silversmithing, printmaking, or painting; is of this place — it’s not delicate; it is rough-hewn and raw. She wants the truth of the materials exposed — their intrinsic beauty and imperfection.
  • Kathy Morsell – Hand-built pottery inspired by the vast space, mind-blowing winds, magnificent mountains, blue sky, Milky Way, and rainbows in the place she calls home.
  • Cami Thompson – The best award for Cami is to have her paintings giving light to the lives of others.

Stop #21

Karen Ahlgren Studio

703 Co. Rd. 13.2, Garcia, Colorado

  • Karen Ahlgren – Brilliant colorings of wildlife in watercolor will stop you in your tracks. It’s worth the drive to see her atmospheric and delightful studio space.

2023 Hubs