2021 Tour Hubs

2021 Questa Studio Art Tour Locations

This is a work in progress. We are almost set!

HUB #1
Cosas Hermosas

This is the first stop on the 2021 tour, and it is an individual studio, belonging to Evelyn Coggins.  This humble garage has been turned into a renovation station!

Address: 2305-C Hwy NM 522, Questa NM

  • Evelyn Coggins – Old furniture gets a new life in Evelyn’s upscale, repurposed furniture.

HUB #2
ArtQuesta Studios & Gallery
R, H (Wheelchair ramp)

Roger and Sandra Harrington are located nearby Hwy 522’s south bridge just as you enter the village of Questa from Taos. This is a fascinating historied Questa building with a long life. As the ArtQuesta Gallery, it houses a pottery studio with kiln, painting studio, and jewelry creating space. The showroom and grand porch will house four diverse artists. 2322 Hwy NM 522, Questa, NM.

  • Roger Harrington – Roger creates a combination of plein-air and abstract traditional paintings. He also makes jewelry with a variety of metals and semi-precious stones. ArtQuesta.com
  • Sandra Harrington – Sandra is a potter who focuses on functional and sculptural forms in an array of wheel-thrown stoneware pottery and one of a kind wood fired sculptural ceramics. ArtQuesta.com
  • Torre Strong – Torre is a master craftsperson in all things leather – dying, shaping, and inventing. Custom orders available.
  • Monique Belitz – Monique uses both collage and acrylic inks to produce her beautiful images of home. moniquebelitz.com
  • Hilary Heyl – Hilary creates colorful weavings in response to social justice issues that she cares strongly about. 

HUB #3
Nick Ortega – Stained Glass

This private studio will offer the viewer a true glimpse into the life of a traditional stained-glass artist and a true Questa treasure! Nick and his family have been making stained glass for years. His family members also work in traditional fiber crafts, including painted dish towels, dish scrubbies, and hot-pan holders. Address: 12 Hilltop Road, Questa, NM.

HUB #4
Rael’s  Store
Cynthia Rael-Vigil, host                                                    R

The Rael family business has resided here for generations. It now serves as a showroom for local artists. They have added a coffee shop and comfortable seating in one corner with all of your favorite fixin’s. Address: 2430 Hwy 522, Questa, NM.

  • Clarence La Come – Clarence is a local folk artist, painting and carving on wood.
  • Ruth Archuleta – Ruth does traditional quilting.
  • PatsyArchuleta – Jewelry designing.
  • Cynthia Rael-Vigil – Cynthia is known for her sewing which she turns into aprons, quilts, and other crafts.
  • Marcus Herrera – Marcus focuses on woodworking and strong dynamic drawings.
  • Armando Vigil – Armando is a second-generation woodworker who makes furniture with traditional New Mexican embellishment, such as  wooden cabinets with punched tin door inserts. He and his wife Cynthia run the business.

HUB #5
QSAT Info Booth at the
Questa Visitor’s Center


HUB #6
Jay’s Unique Treasures

This business houses finds from Jay’s travels. He has a remarkable variety of New Mexico finds, antiques, estate goods, and collections. Address: 14 Hwy 38, Questa, NM.

  • Paul Flores – Assemblage art at its best! Paul uses the most interesting found objects to create his fanciful works of art!

HUB #7
St. Anthony’s Church
R, H

An historic church and plaza dating from the 1840s, which was recently completely renovated by the community. View inside the church for artwork done by many local craftsmen. Tours led by Flavio Cisneros on Saturday only. Address: 10 Church Plaza, Questa, NM. 

HUB #8
Mike & Peggy’s

Mike and Peggy create their distinctive art in their studios tucked into the bosque. Mike’s lower studio houses his kiln and workspace. Peggy’s upper, light-drenched studio houses her painting and mixed media workspace. Address: 12 Calle del Sol, Questa, NM.

  • Mike Ridder – Mike creates functional pottery that he hopes enriches the user’s daily experience with his work. michaelridder.com
  • Peggy Trigg’s expressive landscape and abstract paintings capture the feel of each scene. 
    She also plays with design in textile arts. peggytrigg.com
  • Diane de Fremery – Diane has been making art with pastels and watercolors for 35 years. Her work is focused on nature, and repurposing her old pieces to create new works.
  • Joan NorrisJoan Norris works in pastels and oils to capture the essence of northern New joandarbynorris.com
  • Nina Anthony – Nina uses mixed media, including computer graphics and encaustics to create her sensitive, moody works. ninaanthony.com
  • Julienne Hadfield – Julienne creates stunning jewelry and accessories. See more of Julienne’s work at juliennejewelryonline.com

HUB #9
Questa Library and Youth Center

The new library addition as well as the Cisneros Questa Youth Center will house multiple artists. Make sure to stop in and see this fabulous new space! Address: 7 Questa Park Road, Questa, NM.

  • Boneta Currey-Brown –utilizes quick move- ments with her palette knife to create impres- sionistic, colorful images.
  • BJ KoniorBJ creates bright and fun folk paintings.
  • Questa Quilters Guild – The group of seven members has been working together for over 24 years. Sales help those in need.
  • Scotty MitchellPastel painter “I love landscape painting on site. I love being there, in the moment with my subject.”scottymitchell.com
  • Robyn O’Boyle – Robyn makes her beautiful creations with pure beeswax. See more at BeeLuminous Taos.
  • Nancy DeHerrera-Crochet – Capturing the beauty of place is the specialty of Nancy.

HUB #10
Bill Brown Studio

Enjoy this sweet studio nestled in the trees in the Latir area, north of Questa, off El Rito Road. View the abstract and contemporary work of east coast famed artist, the late Nancy Brown. Beaded jewelry and oil and pastel paintings by Bill Brown will also be on display. Address: corner of El Rito and Lorien Rd., El Rito/Latir (Questa) NM.

A little on down the road in the Latir area is the studio of Ola Sun.
  • Ola Sun “I am a surrealist, which means that I trust the hidden inner wisdom that already lives within me. I work ‘automatically,’ without forethought, letting what comes through do so. I try my best to not interrupt or get in the way. In the process I discover and acknowledge myself beyond verbal language, definition, or explanation.” Address: 20 North Star Road, El Rito/Latir (Questa) NM.                                   
  • Ruby Sofrae (Rae) incorporates natural material through painting, sculpture, fiber, and ritual arts to weave symbols and images that translate the language of her unconscious into a healing narrative.

HUB #12
Oasis of Lorien
Maria Mikhailas, host

The Oasis is also nestled in the Latir area, off Quintana Rd., off Hwy 522. Turn right onto El Rito Road. Address: 12 Quintana Road, El Rito/Latir (Questa) NM.

Live Jazz, Sat, Aug 14th from Noon-3

  • Maria Mikhailas – Maria works in oils, acrylics, and sculpture, journeying into inner spiritual awareness and exploring the world behind the one you see. mariamikhailas.com
  • Betsy Irwin – Betsy is an artist and anthropologist, drawn to making ritual art. Currently she is working with gourds, creating rattles, dippers, and other containers for use during sweatlodge and other indigenous ceremonies.
  • Cami Thompson – Cami’s paintings illuminate interior spaces with great vibrancy. A favorite subject is the dahlias in her garden. camithompson.com
  • Audrey Kunkel – Audrey creates jewelry from semi-precious stones and intricate beadwork.  Lately she’s taken up crocheting little amigurumi critters and also painting on rocks.
  • Ellen Wood  – Ellen is an author and painter.  Ellen, who signs her paintings, Maruska, explains, “When I begin painting, sometimes my imagination goes wild and absurd images creep into a perfectly sensible picture.” 
  • Betsy Peirce  – Betsy is a printmaker, inspired by nature and her travels. She works at keeping her imagery fresh and old-fashioned looking at the same time. 

HUB #13

Barrie Andrews Studio

A special treat for everyone this year is the opening of Barrie Andrews’ studio. Barrie will be showing her new glass fusing creations, full of color and light. You will also be able to see Barrie’s printmaking imagery and her encaustic work! A real treat! Address: 6 Virsylvia Rd., El Rito/Latir (Questa) NM.

HUB #14

Takoja Institute

A new hub this year is Takoja Institute. On the north end of the Latir area is a beautiful pair of domed buildings. In the past, this location was used as a spiritual retreat center. Today, it still acts as an intuitive and creative growth center as well as a vacation rental. You have to check this one out! Address: 54 Dulcimer Rd, El Rito/Latir (Questa) NM.

  • Winter Ross-Winter – works in many media, including etching, for her illustrations, painting, and quilting. winterross.weebly.com
  • Allison Wonderland – Allison works in sculpture abstractions and installations, using nature as her guide. 
  • Martha Shepp – Martha also uses many  techniques to express herself including computer graphics, photography, mixed media, and installation. marthashepp.com

“At Virsylvia Farm, we are passionate about food, land, and water justice. Since adding fiber animals to our farm, we have begun to enter into the world of wool, and will never regret it! Our mohair and wool are spun into yarn at a local mill and by friends and neighbors who are skilled with wheels and spindles, and then dyed and used for weaving, knitting, crocheting, and other art projects.” VirsylviaFarms.com

During the tour the farm will offer weaving demonstrations, a petting zoo, and guest artist Teresa Stout. Address: 345 Sunshine Valley Rd., 9.7 miles north of Questa off Hwy 522. Turn left onto Sunshine Valley Rd.

  • Teresa Gostanza is a spiritual painter who is a new member of our northern New Mexico artist community. She has just moved here from Colorado. 

HUB #16
Ute A.I.R.
Jill Kamas, host

Ute A.I.R. was built to honor the beauty of the valley. The owner provides for a yearly artist in residence and displays artwork of previous years’ resident artists. Address: 360 Sunshine Valley Road, 9.7 miles north of Questa off Hwy 522. Turn left onto Sunshine Valley Road.

  • Kathy Morsell – Kathy creates handbuilt pottery. The vast space, mind-blowing winds, magnificent mountains, skies, and rainbows of Sunshine Valley inspire her.
  • blackstarinsunshine.com
  • Jill KamasJill creates beautiful unique silversmithing items and jewelry.
  • Claire Cote – Claire has created, personal design oriented watercolors and drawings that echo her surroundings. clairecote.com

Questa Studio Art Tour will be August 14-15, 2021. If you are an artist and would like to participate, please click for the application