The Questa Quilters Guild

This tradition is very important to our area. It represents our history, our stories, our culture.


The Questa Quilters Guild officially started in 1995 and was first housed at the Fire Department. At one time the group had up to 24 members. In this group it was the spirit of community that was the driving force in the making of a quilt. It provided an opportunity for women to get together, to share stories and to develop friendships.Through the years the group’s membership has decreased but the tradition is still carried on.

Today’s group is small but strong. They meet twice a week at the Questa Youth Center. They meet to share stories and to create something beautiful. Some work on a quilt or an afghan while others do needlepoint or embroidery. They are constantly creating. When asked if they sell their work they laugh and tell me their quilts are already given away. Every daughter and son, every niece and nephew, every grandchild has one of these gifts of love. These quilts are all hand made, each stitch is sewn with great care.

Every year the quilters work on a group quilt to be raffled off to raise money for more fabric and supplies. This year’s quilt is from a Cipegre Revizal pattern. It was made on a quilting frame and took the group seven months to create. It is a beautiful queen sized, deep red quilt with white squares that are embellished with red embroidered designs. The quilt is all hand stitched. The top, the batting, the backing and the binding are all stitched together by the quilters. Raffle tickets are on sale now.


About Our Art

This tradition is very important to our area. It represents our history, our stories, our culture.

The Questa Quilters Guild are always open to teaching their craft to others. If you are interested in learning and carrying on the tradition, stop by theYouth Center and see what the ladies are up to.

It might be the perfect way for you to tell your story.

Contact Info

The Questa Quilters Guild meets at the Questa Youth Center Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-2.

The members are Monica Ortega, Elizabeth Huddle, Louisa Aragon, Gloria Martinez, Phyllis Zimmerman and Evangeline Jaramillo.