Winter Ross

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of all true art and science.” A. Einstein

Karen Ahlgren

The combination of portraying these wild beings in a vivid non-local palette and with tenderness allows the viewer to approach their soulfulness with greater ease.

Cami Thompson

The best award for Cami is to have her paintings giving light to the lives of others

Joan Norris

My passion is the land, finding inspiration literally everywhere.

Roger Harrington • Art Questa

I look for ways to push the materials, to bend the scene to my wishes, and to try to convey the feelings that led me to make that particular picture.

Raels Market

The original family-run business was first a general merchandise store that carried everything from coffins to clothing.

Jay’s Unique Thrift Shop

Gallery Jay’s Unique Thrift Store Pablo Flores – Assemblage Artist  Pablo Flores Pablo Flores Pablo Flores Contact Info Jay RiceJay’s Unique Thrift ShopQuesta575-779-3723

Diane DeFremery

I am inspired by the patterns in nature, such as the patterns on a piece of bark.

Bj konior

My art is expression of how I see the world in bright colors and thick lines.