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Keep dollars local, find fresh food, support entrepreneurs and visit with one another.


About the Art

Questa Farmers Market hosts farmers and gardeners, bakers and makers, artists, and youth on Sundays from June to September in the Questa Visitor Center area. Keep dollars local, find fresh food, support entrepreneurs, and visit with one another! QFM food vendors participate in food benefit programs: EBT/SNAP, Double-Up-Food-Bucks, WIC, and Senior Nutrition Program farm checks.


Questa Farmers Market ~ a community-led effort to localize our economy by supporting agriculturalists and makers during the growing season in beautiful northern New Mexico.


Questa Farmers Market
Visitor Center Parking Area
#1 Hwy 38
Questa, NM 87556
Gaea McGahee, Market Organizer

Other Local Artists

...coexisting with the vast space, mind-blowing winds, magnificent mountains, blue sky, Milky Way, and rainbows in northern New Mexico's Sunshine Valley...
Capturing the essence of New Mexico
Dan Frank Kuehn grew up in the back of a North Dakota grocery store
This tradition is very important to our area. It represents our history, our stories, our culture.