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Mose Rainault

"I love making tables, they are where people meet to share, to eat, or to argue safely because you’re sitting on the other side."


About the Art

While one-of-a-kind functional and beautifully crafted tables, shelves, bed frames, and trasteros are his mainstay, Mose has branched out to smaller decorative objects. “Somebody left a little 10-inch table saw on the porch one day,” he said. “I don’t know who it was, but I started making crosses.”

Potential Taos county customers are invited to call Rainault and he will bring photographs of his work and discuss the project.


Thirty years ago, Mose Rainault, a native of Canada, made a piece a furniture at someone’s request and realized that furniture-making was truly the creative and focused activity which could turn his life around. He has been a resident of Taos County now for 36 years. Rainault previously had a shop displaying his work, but no longer shows, except for the Questa Art Tour in August. He also does not have a web page. His commissions since moving to the Questa area keep him busy. Word of mouth from Questa, Taos, and Red River is all the advertising he needs.


Mose Rainault

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