Claire Cote

Probing and interacting with “place” is central to my process.


I am a multi-passionate artist-mother and community collaborator.

For me, art is a form of field work. Experimentation, exploration, observation, drawing and listening are my “tools for the journey” to delve into mysteries, sufferings, joys, and our ever-expanding web of stories; personal to cultural, ecological to historical, mundane to metaphysical. Probing and interacting with “place” is central to my process.

I am currently making works on paper using pen and ink, water color and layering to explore shadows cast by plant stems in situ and a series of delicate, humorous, spindly botanical bones hung in a whimsical installation.

I also love to relax and “paint doodle” with watercolors, inks, or food coloring and sometimes a sprinkle of salt.


About My Art

Animate Plant Bones:
Collected Plant Skeletons
Fragile yet Forceful
Still but Energetic
Each unique, an individual –
Growth map
Returning to Earth
High Desert Driftwood
Inverted they become strange creatures with long legs – on stilts
Theatrical, asking for light, ready to become shadow-makers

Contact Info

Claire Cote

HC 81 Box 685
Questa, NM 87556