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Catherine Porter Brown

Through dream work I have learned to delve into the realm of the unconscious and freely and unselfconsciously play with the images and words from my dreams


About the Art

“Dream Time”
My dream analysis transformed my childhood nightmares and laid the groundwork for the exploration and the integration of those dark elements into a better understanding of my emotions, goals and spirit. Through dream work I have learned to delve into the realm of the unconscious and freely and unselfconsciously play with the images and words from my dreams, by blending and juxtaposing those images.

 “Ex Ovo Omnia”
“From the Egg, Everything”
The egg is a shape without beginning or end and represents a self-contained cradle of the new, the fresh, and the infinite continuation of life.  It is fragile, yet indestructible.

I have used the shape of the egg as a symbol of the fragile moments of realization, wonder, and new beginnings.  The eggs are protected by soulful, archetypal figures that hold, listen, and stare at the eggs with curiosity and, at times, rapt attention.  The eggs represent a moment of quiet awareness and the power of anticipation.

There seems to be an almost endless symbolism and meaning for the egg, a microcosm of cosmic time and space, potentiality, the germ of creation, the life principle, scrambled, sunny-side up, or in an omelet of your choice.

“On the Beach”
Since moving to NC six years ago the ocean and beach with their fluctuating rhythms, textures, light and colors have become a source of inspiration for me.  Equally inspiring are the forms of the people, their beach paraphernalia and their dogs, placed center stage against the backdrop of ocean, clouds, and sand.  

The New Mexico landscape has been a source of inspiration for me for over 30 years.  I have used it’s surreal shapes and light patterns in my “Dream Time” paintings as well as in my “Ex Ovo Omnia” series. Ute Mountain is pictured here in the painting “Listening to the Infinite.” This summer I am focused primarily on the extraordinary beauty of the striations of light and shadow as it flows over the mountains to the west of my studio and over Ute Mt. and Sunshine Valley to the East.       


For the last 50 years I have been commissioned to do portraits. This work informed most of my knowledge about painting the human form. In my recent work I have places the figure in both real and surreal landscapes and juxtaposition the figures with animals and forging objects and elements which create a dreamlike environment. This work has often been described as Magical Realism.


Catherine Porter Brown
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