2022 Artists

Claire Cote

Probing and interacting with “place” is central to my process.

Virsylvia Farm

We use native plants to dye our yarns, sell through local shops, and support local businesses and artists to continue healthy land use.

Torre Strong

Useful and sturdy items created from a variety of quality leathers, including
bison, elk and deer.

Nancy DeHerrera Crochet

“I’m a proud norteña woman.” Nancy specializes in capturing the images of our beautiful Northern New Mexico!

Winter Ross

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of all true art and science.” A. Einstein

Kathy Morsell

…coexisting with the vast space, mind-blowing winds, magnificent mountains, blue sky, Milky Way, and rainbows in northern New Mexico’s Sunshine Valley…

Julienne Hadfield

I simply go for a hike and see a lovely flower that the light hits just so, and that inspires a new piece of jewelry.

Karen Ahlgren

The combination of portraying these wild beings in a vivid non-local palette and with tenderness allows the viewer to approach their soulfulness with greater ease.

Cami Thompson

The best award for Cami is to have her paintings giving light to the lives of others