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Barrie Andrews

Glass art embodies the dramatic light of northern New Mexico


About the Art

Fused-glass art is taken to a new level in the work of Barrie Andrews. From brilliant art pieces large and small, to artistic décor for the home, to wearable art for the discerning collector; WOW art glass is a studio to watch. Inspired by the dramatic beauty and intense light of northern New Mexico, this former printmaker reinterprets her talent for design, color, and pattern into a radiant new medium.

“Wow is what I felt the first time I saw glass that I’d fired,” says Barrie. “The layers of colored shards and texture and pattern echoed my years as a printmaker, but in glass? Wow. “The light and the transparency worked an alchemy on the very idea of darkness. In its place was clarity and beauty, and unexpected results. This medium suddenly seemed to give transformative wings to any shadows, or inertia I felt around me, personally or in the world at large.

My new glass art embodies the dramatic light and openness of the northern New Mexico environment that is all around me. Bringing this luminosity into my work and sharing it with you is my goal.”


Until now, artist Barrie Andrews has been best known for her print-making talents, award-winning work that was displayed and sold nationally. Her work was most recently on display at OCHO: art & event space in Questa, NM that she co-owned with MinJae Hong.

Barrie became equally interested in the elegant intelligence of our bodies, and the intuitive process of healing. She spent over 20 years of practice as a highly-certified practitioner of Medical and Oncology Massage, Acutonics® and sound healing, CranialSacral Therapy, Ancient Chinese Medicine, and more.

Born in Arizona, Barrie then lived and studied in Denver, CO and New York, gaining a BA in Anthropology & Sociology at Colgate University, then obtaining her MFA degree at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She moved to northern New Mexico in 2012, and has mountainside property with a 35-mile view overlooking the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument north of Taos.

Her journey into glass work began in 2018, studying with Bullseye Glass in Santa Fe. Barrie’s years of artistry made her a quick student. And this medium of color and light is a perfect fit with her new home in the high desert of New Mexico.


Barrie Andrews
WOW Art Glass
PO Box 1464
Questa NM 87556

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