Dan Kuehn

It's a bright and festive celebration of talent and community warmth.
Portraying contemporary life in a style of 1,000 years ago
Unique colors and shapes of the natural world
A painter, swing dancer, angler and skier, hiker and cyclist
Inspired by the power of plein air painting
Dan Frank Kuehn grew up in the back of a North Dakota grocery store
Let's play with clay! Part of our Art-for-All series. On Thursdays 5 to 9 pm.
Four days of open painting, workshops and demos, a Quick-Draw event, and a concluding Art Show with awards and prizes.
Art materials for kids. FREE to local youth.
These retrospective pieces will provide opportunities to celebrate, reengage with, reflect on and learn from the many featured and contributing artists.
Musician and Costilla native Chris J. Arellano directs this initiative, funded by a New Mexico Arts CARES grant.
Banners displays the artwork of local artists and craftspersons, very colorfully!
Handmade wood carving by local artisans
Multi-generational classes and workshops
Artists, challenge yourselves to create in a short time frame, and be amazed at our local public lands' beauty
Hosted in intimate unique venues, these events honor the history of musical gatherings and community
Discover the Artist Directory pages with images and contact information for each.
Walk the trail in downtown Questa, and read more here for deeper insights, including locals' memories
The first tour in the northern New Mexico art-tour season, now in its 8th year! From the traditional to the modern, with over 50 participating artists, every August.
Handmade artistic goods, from leather to earrings to paintings! Music and good fun, too!
Through dream work I have learned to delve into the realm of the unconscious and freely and unselfconsciously play with the images and words from my dreams
Inspired by the great Impressionists
I live and paint on our family homestead while tending our gardens and animals, and playing in beauty.
Bold, colorful, often graffiti-like paintings
Capturing the essence of New Mexico
Mythological, Shamanic paintings and more
Dream-inspired bronze sculptures
Mystical Transformative Imagery
Landscape oil painting, pencil drawings, traditional subject, realistic
Wild pigments and found objects make transformative works.
Glass art embodies the dramatic light of northern New Mexico
Still creating his beautiful pieces!
Restores family treasures to past beauty!
explore the work of a multi-talented artist
Painting the people and landscapes of northern New Mexico
With deep emotion, I try to capture sacred images found within various pantheons of spirituality.
My work is an exploration of my soul life.
Probing and interacting with “place” is central to my process.
We use native plants to dye our yarns, sell through local shops, and support local businesses and artists to continue healthy land use.
Spiritually-inspired gourd vessels, jewelry, rattles, sculptures and other artful objects.
"My joy is in working along with a client to discover their true concept, to create their vision."
"I'm a proud norteña woman." Nancy specializes in capturing the images of our beautiful Northern New Mexico!
“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of all true art and science.” A. Einstein
...coexisting with the vast space, mind-blowing winds, magnificent mountains, blue sky, Milky Way, and rainbows in northern New Mexico's Sunshine Valley...
I simply go for a hike and see a lovely flower that the light hits just so, and that inspires a new piece of jewelry.
I feel like I’m plugged into the universe when I lose myself in the looking and drawing.
The combination of portraying these wild beings in a vivid non-local palette and with tenderness allows the viewer to approach their soulfulness with greater ease.
The best award for Cami is to have her paintings giving light to the lives of others
My passion is the land, finding inspiration literally everywhere.
I look for ways to push the materials, to bend the scene to my wishes, and to try to convey the feelings that led me to make that particular picture.
This tradition is very important to our area. It represents our history, our stories, our culture.
The original family-run business was first a general merchandise store that carried everything from coffins to clothing. Now a coffee shop, museum and art gallery. Come explore!
As Ellen Wood, my work is words. As a painter, I use my father’s middle name: Maruška.
The outside of his place is decorated with all kinds of interesting objects. There are old bones, twisted driftwood, rocks, petrified wood and license plates.
During their free time these women like to craft, help each other out with latest project, give each other feedback, and participate in the Questa Studio Tour and Christmas Bazaar.
Keep dollars local, find fresh food, support entrepreneurs and visit with one another.
Seeking scenes with visually appealing elements, I am drawn toward textures and the range of available tones that enhance naturally occurring shapes and patterns.
La Sala supports a culture of health and well being; it is a comfortable place to gather.
Tables I especially love making because a table is where people meet, where you share, where you have arguments that are safe because you’re sitting on the other side of a table.
I am inspired by the patterns in nature, such as the patterns on a piece of bark.
Multi media artist and crafter
I do landscapes, figures and still lives, inspired by nature and by my travels.
Nature-based large scale abstract painting/mixed media.
Creating a vessel requires patience and commitment to a process that is thousands of years old.
I pay my respect to the forces that shaped the land, which in turn shaped the local cultures, as well as to the fauna and flora that inhabits it, both in my art and my life.
People love to wear my jewelry and display my window hangings and rock paintings and crocheted creatures. Sometimes I think people just need these things in their lives.
I love to play with design in my landscape painting. Inside, I play with design in abstraction and fiber.